FietsUniek EN

FietsUniek For over two years I made all the designs used by FietsUniek in their showroom as well as online media such as a newsletter and social media. I also took care of all the offline needs such as weekly newspaper ad, flyers, vouchers or a magazine. Most promotions had to connect online and offline. […]


Illustraties Besides digital illustrations I also like to work on good old paper. Almost every illustration or design starts on paper, including the digital ones. It’s the most efficient way to get my ideas down on paper. Art and drawing has been one of my main interests from an early age, and I like to […]

Vector Illustrations

Vector illustrations I regularly make digital illustrations for various clients in addition to working the old-fashioned way with pen and paper. I generally make these digital illustrations as vector, which means that the illustration is infinitely scalable without loss of quality. Whether you want to show it on a billboard or on a small card, […]

Guardian Institute EN

Guardian Institute Guardian Institute requested a bilingual website in combination with a new logo and style for the website. It is aimed at parents who are looking for a tutor or educational advice. Interested after viewing this project? Contact me: let me know Contact Portfolio

Infi EN

Infi talent tree Infi came to me to design illustrations or icons for a concept to offer career paths through talent trees and archetypes. It also had to fit within their corporate identity. Based on the input from Infi I made a design that fits within the corporate identity, combined with illustrations for the different […]


Animation During my education I became acquainted with almost all forms of media. This also includes animation, over time I have taught myself more and learned new techniques. I have gone through a number of projects from concept development to a script and storyboard and then developing it into an animation. On this page you […]